Residence in Pacific Heights

“As in many cities, San Francisco’s strict zoning and zealously protected view corridors are major factors in a renovation. And yet, we never see that as a negative. By working creatively within historical precedent and the constraints of a given region, we are able to foster architectural styles that are undoubtedly site-specific.”

Grant Marani, Project Partner

This singular, shingle-clad Pacific Heights residence boasts breathtaking views of the San Francisco Bay and Golden Gate Bridge. Drawing on the city’s unique approach to residential architecture, the design is inspired by the work of Ernest Coxhead, Bernard Maybeck, and Willis Polk, among other early 20th-century architects who helped establish San Francisco’s unique tradition of residential architecture. The house confronts the street with a two-and-a-half story asymmetrical mass culminating in a lantern that bathes a central hall in soft light. At the rear, where the steeply sloping site allows the house to enjoy an additional floor, a symmetrical flat facade is relieved by an overscaled central bay window permitting sweeping views across the Marina district to San Francisco Bay. 

Project Partner: Grant F. Marani

Interior Design: Agnes Bourne Studio

Landscape Design: Josephine Zeitlin

Photography: Peter Aaron / OTTO